Solutions for your Retired Healthcare Data


Leverage the experience that comes from retiring over 300 health IT systems, including over 1 billion patient records, and nearly $200 billion in Accounts Receivables.  LDA supplements client resource efforts in assisting organizations at arriving to the optimal retirement solution.


When it comes to system retirements, one size doesn’t fit all.  LDA's unique on-boarding process and technology architecture lend themselves to quick configuration, providing access to longitudinal, clinical and financial information that meet client preferences.  LDA's LegacySSO and LegacyIntegrate tools give users access to current and historical information all in one session.


Healthcare is going through the largest HIT product-refresh cycle it has seen in over 20 years.  For most, this is a once-in-a-career migration of systems.  LDA has proven time and again that it is the premier partner to ensure these mission-critical initiatives are successful!

On-line, Real-time Data Retrieval for the Life of the Retired Data

When a system is retired or replaced, LDA is the solution for that legacy information. We migrate your mainframe or other platform-dependent data, in its original format, to our own systems. Your custom reports and programs are loaded, too. Then LDA maintains and manages the data for you. With our support and services, your information continues to work for you with immediate savings and benefits:
  • No conversion required
  • No loss of detail or integrity
  • Less labor/personnel costs
  • Reduced capital expenses
  • Seamless access to original data and formats
  • Leverage our Healthcare IT expertise
This web-based access is available from any type of database or data source and any platform. You have on-line access to your data, 24/7. Retrieve information through a secure and encrypted request system. View records on-line, download them to a PC, or print them via an internet browser. Our LegacySuite of products will also provide the capability to post adjustments, payments and notes to the account information and segregate off-loaded balances and transactions from LegacySuite balances and transactions for audit trail purposes.  

HIMSS Conference and Exhibition

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