Retired Healthcare Data Solutions

For organizations retiring or replacing healthcare systems, Legacy Data Access offers complete retired healthcare data solutions. Our LegacySuite products provide comprehensive functionality for the storage, access, management, and reporting of the retired healthcare data. No time-consuming, labor intensive, and risk-filled data conversions are required. The data is seamlessly accessible in its original format, with no loss of detail or integrity.

LDA's retired healthcare systems data archival solutions are offered using both a SaaS or in-house model. LDA has retired over 300 applications including Patient Accounting, Clinical, ERP, Ancillary, PM and EMR from all of the major vendors, including McKesson, Siemens, GE/IDX, and more. Leverage our healthcare IT expertise and experience the immediate the benefits and savings.

The Legacy Data Access Advantage

Legacy Data Access | EXPERIENCE


Leverage the experience that comes from retiring over 300 health IT systems, including over 1 billion patient records, and nearly $200 billion in Accounts Receivables. 

Legacy Data Access | INNOVATION


When it comes to system retirements, one size doesn’t fit all.  LDA's unique on-boarding process and technology architecture lend themselves to quick configuration.

Legacy Data Access | INSIGHT


Healthcare is going through the largest HIT product-refresh cycle it has seen in over 20 years. LDA has proven that it is the premier partner to ensure these initiatives are successful!

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